Garden Frames

Garden frames offer gardeners another tool in helping their gardens flourish, either by using garden frames to help plants grow or to divide the garden into sections, separating plants that might be growing too close together or to section your garden into specific areas. Garden frames come in all shapes and sizes with Perspex ones in mass production perhaps being the most common one we see today, though they can also appear a wood, metal and brick.

Some plants might not be suited to an open outdoor environment, but at the same time they are not going to do very well in a greenhouse either. Enter the garden frame, which has the ability to give plants the best of both worlds – the acclimatisation of the greenhouse as well as the more open environment of the outdoors.

To some, garden frames are an essential part of their garden and without them many of their plants would not have the opportunity to reach their full potential. With the ability to grow plants within them before they move to a new location, they are a great way to achieve a dream garden.